Q: How do I know which system I need?

A: The standard system is good for any smaller indoor party in your home, or a small backyard party. The greatest factor is the number of people you will have attending. We recommend the upgrade option #2 for any party of over 50 people outdoors or in a large room. If the sound system will be contained to a smaller area, or only a limited music volume is desired, then the standard system or upgrade 1 is all that should be required.

Q: Is the system easy to operate?

A: Yes! The pro-system powered mixer may look a bit confusing, but there are only a few knobs you need to be concerned with. When your setup is delivered, one or more people can be instructed on the use of the equipment. The portable system is even easier and includes simple hookup and operation guides. The player is easy to use, simply enter the song number with the remote or number pad on the player.

Q: If I do have a problem with the equipment, what do I do?

A: Phone assistance will be available. In-person assistance may be available, dependent on the time of day. Please call as soon as you have an issue so it can be solved as quickly and easily as possible. Do not do anything to the equipment outside of the instruction provided without calling!

Q: What if I don't want karaoke? Do you offer the PA alone at a cheaper price?

A: I can not rent out the karaoke by itself so the PA is the same price whether you want to use karaoke or not. It is still a great deal for a PA for your event.

Q: "ABC Company" is cheaper and/or offers a bigger song selection. Why should I rent from you?

A: Any company offering 80,000+ songs and a cheap price is probably illegal, meaning they acquired their karaoke tracks through piracy. They may have several copies of legally purchased karaoke music or may not have actually purchased any music at all. Just ask yourself if this is the kind of people you like to deal with. Only a small portion of the tracks will be any good anyway. There are only a few quality producers of karaoke and the rest is largely poorer sounding. (Also it's not 80,000 different songs, there are several versions of each song in these libraries).

Q: Is the song listing all the songs that you have? What if I don't see the song I like?

A: Sometimes the song list file is not updated right away. If you don't see what you like, call or e-mail to see if the songs you are requesting are included, or if they may be added. There are always new songs being added to the set.


Have other questions? Call us at (860) 967-5103 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (860) 967-5103      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail info@ctsings.com